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Urge Congress to Ensure Access
to Critical Treatments

Biologic medications are critical for treating many chronic,
disabling, and life threatening conditions. However, some
health insurance companies are limiting patients’ ability
to access these treatments by placing them in “specialty tiers”
that require patients to pay up to 50 percent of drug costs
rather than a traditional fixed co-payment. This causes patients’
out-of-pocket costs to skyrocket to hundreds or even thousands
of dollars per month for a single medication.

The bipartisan Patients' Access to Treatment Act (H.R. 1600)
would limit patient cost-sharing requirements for specialty tier
drugs and make necessary medications more accessible
by reducing excessive out-of-pocket expenses.

Please Take a NY Minute and
Make Your Voices Heard

New York State Advocacy
We are thrilled to share the following NYS legislation with you.  Here
is the Step Therapy/First Fail Bill introduced by Senator
Catharine Young S 3419 and Assemblyman Matthew Titone A 2834.  We are
hopeful that we can all help NYS Legislators to see the benefits of this
legislation and lend their support to move it forward to become law.  It
will be our job to get the word out to as many patient and professional
societies to provide support for this important legislation.

This bill regulates Step Therapy protocol and provides a 
clear and concise override process for health care
providers to follow; basically giving the prescribing 
physician back their power.  The Assembly Bill link is below.  
Please share this with other groups.  
Let's get this bill passed and signed into law this session!  
As always we appreciate your support.


Kathleen Arntsen speaking at the step therapy press
conference in May about her personal experience 
step therapy/fail first protocol pictured with
fellow NYS patient advocates.

Click on the links below for the Capital Tonight show
video with Kathleen and other advocates and the Times
Union article on step therapy/fail first protocol and the 
advocacy efforts to promote awareness to change
the current insurance practice in the state.

Senator Diane Savino and Senator Joseph
Griffo with NYS Lupus Advocates during
May Lupus Awareness Month in the Capitol

NYS Senator Kemp Hannon with LADA Advocates

Patient Advocates Travel to Capitol Hill

Congressman Richard Hanna 

Congressman Chris Collins

FDA Director Janet Woodcock

 Congressman Hanna with LADA Advocates 


SWHR Autoimmune Briefing


Lupus and Allied Diseases Association led the charge 
on a statewide effort to protect patients 
regarding the NY State Medicaid Budget Proposals

Advocacy Video

Proud Advocates Kathleen Arntsen & Sandi Frear
with Ann Kunkel (center) at the Advocates for
Arthritis Event.  Kathleen was the first recipient of the
ARHP Ann Kunkel Advocacy Award in November 2007 and
Sandi received it in October of 2009.